Mass validation of VAT numbers


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Mass validation of VAT numbers


Check EU VAT numbers

Du you have many EU customers, you can have their VAT numbers checked from a list in one go.

You also have the opportunity to get mass - checked domestic VAT numbers.

The VAT numbers are validated against the official EU / VIES website. have specialized in verifying VAT registration.  

Send us your list of VAT numbers - you save time if you let us validate the VAT numbers for you

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We only send you an invoice when - and if - we have validated 50 VAT numbers or more for you


Documentation of the validation

The validation of VAT numbers must be documented.

Do you use the official EU VIES website, be sure to note consultation number, or you need to take a screen dump of the validation result.
See picture to the right.

When we validate VAT numbers for you, you get validation results in fixed images showing validation and validation time.

You also get the validation results in a spreadsheet so you can continue working with customer information.


Do you have one or few VAT numbers to validate?

You can validate VAT numbers yourself - for free - at the official EU VIES homepage.     Badevej 7, DK 3000 Helsingør, Denmark       VAT no.  25962850